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Hello everyone and thank you for visiting my web site. I spend a lot of time with graphic design, web design, and motion graphics. That also includes 3D work. I have been doing this for about 6 years now and I would like to share my work with all of you on this web site.

I went to school for a couple semesters but I never graduated because I honestly got bored with the pace of learning in a class room. I started watching a lot of tutorials online, until I felt I was ready to take on these projects myself. It all began with Lynda.com. I honestly think that if it wasn't for that site I would not be doing this right now, because I would have missed out on so much information. I then started going from website to website learning about each program I use.

I absolutely love Adobe products. I am a proud expert throughout the entire suite. I also use Cinema 4D for my 3D work. So please take a look at some of my work. There are some projects that are my spin on Andrew Kramer, Nick Campbell, Deke Mclelland and other great designer's work. And of course there will be my own original designs as well. Enjoy.

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Starry Night

Take a trip through the stars and land upon my latest 3D model of a home. It's a small home and I honestly don't know if I'd want to live there but it looks pretty sweet. I modeled this in Cinema 4D, and instead of animating in the same application, I took advantage of the 3D space in After Effects. I used a couple of basic camera moves with a little motion blur to get the job done.

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Spinning Cubes

This is my version of the spinning cubes animation founded by the Discovery Channel.. I can't take all the credit for this one. Once again nick Campbell came to the rescue from greyscalegorilla.com. I was able to see how I could create this in Cinema 4D the way I have always wanted to. Then I went foward in After Effects and added the finishing touches myself.

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Recording Studio

I have been working on this one for a long time. I really wanted to see how far I could take my skills with 3D. I created this recording studio from scratch. The only ideas I took were from the actual equipment sitting in my personal studio. This in completely original and composited in after effects with several effects added.

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Chains Of Image

A while back I watched a tutorial by Nick Campbell on greyscalegorilla.com. It involved manipulating the physics of a chain falling. I decided to take that information and run with it. I added two chains to a name and let Cinema 4D and Mograph do its work. I composited it in After Effects.

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Culture Sound Studio

This is a project that I did for my Cousin a while back. I used mostly After Effects to get the job done. It's a advertisement for Culture Sound Studio, which is basically a music workshop. After finishing this up I did a final render in Premiere Pro and added the soundtrack as well. Got some great techniques for this on videocopilot.net. Andrew Kramer is a great motion graphics designer.

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Thank your for checking out some of my work. If you have any questions, or would like anything done for you, feel free to leave me some feedback in the comments section. Or you can email me directly at image969@gmail.com. I've been doing this for a quite a while and have learned from many. So now I would love to give a little back to those he need help. Take care

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