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Hello everyone and thank you for visiting my web site. I spend a lot of time with graphic design, web design, and motion graphics. That also includes 3D work. I have been doing this for about 6 years now and I would like to share my work with all of you on this web site.

I went to school for a couple semesters but I never graduated because I honestly got bored with the pace of learning in a class room. I started watching a lot of tutorials online, until I felt I was ready to take on these projects myself. It all began with Lynda.com. I honestly think that if it wasn't for that site I would not be doing this right now, because I would have missed out on so much information. I then started going from website to website learning about each program I use.

I absolutely love Adobe products. I am a proud expert throughout the entire suite. I also use Cinema 4D for my 3D work. So please take a look at some of my work. There are some projects that are my spin on Andrew Kramer, Nick Campbell, Deke Mclelland and other great designer's work. And of course there will be my own original designs as well. Enjoy.

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Dark Hallway - Vanishing Point

I decided to make something a bit creepy because Halloween is coming. I took a picture of a dorm hallway, and composited a wooden door at the end. I used vanishing point inside Photoshop to help create a 3D model of the hallway, then bringing it into After Effects. After some color correcting, animation, audio, and a few extra surprises, I was able to achieve what I feel is a spooky type hallway. Happy Halloween.

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Animated Club Flyer

I did this work a little while back, but I figured I would share it. I see a lot of people get started in Photoshop, by making club flyers, birthday invitation, wedding programs, etc. I decided to take this up a notch, and add some simple animation to a club flyer. I did all this inside of Photoshop Extended. It's not quite as user friendly as a 3D application, but when you are doing simple work like this, it is not necessary to leave Photoshop.

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Rubik's Cube

I decided to render a Rubik's Cube in Cinema 4D. I have done this in the past, but this is my first time animating it. I want to give a special thanks to Michael Fontaine, considering it was him who taught me how to solve a cube. I took that knowledge and a little reverse engineering when animating and came up with something that I feel is pretty good stuff. I added some particles among a few other affects when compositing in after effects. You can also see the moving background. That's about it. Enjoy.

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Xpresso Graph

This won't be something exciting to watch like somof my other work. It is an animated graph with my own flare added. I wanted to explore some of the possibilities with Xpresso. This may be a simple animation but I now have a project file where I can plug in different data such as bar height, number of bars, bar spacing, etc. This makes it very easy to provide quick results to a client. I then added a couple of deformers to bars, with a step effector offsetting the rotation. I hope you like it. Please comment, if you have any questions regarding the Xpresso end of it.

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Image Terrain

This is my spin on a tutorial I watched from amateurmedia.net. It involves using the terrain object in Cinema 4D to help create a real looking environment, looking some what of a dessert. A couple lights, some text ,and a background makes the project complete.

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Thank your for checking out some of my work. If you have any questions, or would like anything done for you, feel free to leave me some feedback in the comments section. Or you can email me directly at image969@gmail.com. I've been doing this for a quite a while and have learned from many. So now I would love to give a little back to those he need help. Take care

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